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Tiny Hosting Plan

  • Unlimited Disk Space
  • Unlimited Traffic
  • Multi-lingual Control Panel
  • 1 Domain Hosted
  • 100 Email Accounts
  • 30 Day Free Trial
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Web Hosting Plans

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60.13 /mo
  • 4 CPU Cores
  • 8 GB RAM
  • 160 GB Data Storage
  • 5 TB Data Transfer
  • Unlimited Domains Hosted
  • 24/7/365 Support
  • SSH Access
  • Full Root access
  • NO Setup Fees
  • CentOS
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu

RH Hosting EU - Website Hosting Provider You Can Trust

RH Hosting EU offers high-end hosting and domain registration services - our website hosting packages come with our user-friendly Hepsia web hosting Control Panel, which is loaded with high value-added tools. With each web hosting plan, you can select from among more than fifty generic and country-code Top-Level Domains available at modest prices. There are no hidden taxes, no supplementary fees and no registration charges with any of our web hosting plans. We have a 24x7 help desk team whose average response time is less than 20 minutes.

Key Domain Names

When looking for keyword rich domains we suggest you limit your search to domains with 3 keywords or less. Go over 3 words and you will look spammy both to search engines and even more importantly to your potential customers.

Register EU Domain @ €8.45/year

If you want to vastly improve your EU-targeted Internet presence, there's no need to look any further than the .EU country-code TLD extension, which has both worldwide recognition and local significance. And with a dot EU domain name at hand, you will achieve higher local search rankings. With RH Hosting EU, you can register or transfer a dot EU domain at a cheap price.

Get Your .EU Domain Name from RH Hosting EU!

It's really simple to register or transfer a dot EU domain name - you just need to complete our quick registration procedure. Once you are all done, you can manage your domain through our intuitive Domain Manager interface. You will exercise total authority over your domain - you will be able to update its DNS records, to conceal your WHOIS info, etc. We also offer a 24-7-365 technical support service.


When you register domain names, you have to provide accurate & true personal information for the domain owner. Following ICANN regulations, this information needs to be publicly available - meaning that everybody with the necessary tools can see it. However, there is an option to make sure your private details remain safe - with the assistance of the WHOIS Guard.

WHOIS Guard with RH Hosting EU

Using the WHOIS Guard Service by RH Hosting EU, you can defend yourself against identity theft, secure your domain from hijacking, reduce the risks of spam attacks against your personal mailbox and greatly increase your overall domain security.

The WHOIS Guard Service will cost you €7.04/year and is available on the order from, when registering a new domain name.

Low-Cost Shared Hosting Solutions

Shared hosting is a type of service that offers disk drive storage space for you to accommodate your website so that it is always discoverable on the World Wide Web. There are lots of hosting vendors that provide this type of service and choosing the best one for your online demands can be difficult.

Selecting your hosting distributor

If you have just started creating your website or are planning to build one, investing plenty of money in a hosting account is normally not the first thing you wish to do. Discovering an affordable hosting solutions provider should then be your goal and, when the search begins, you'll find out that making a decision is not so easy.

Different web hosting types

There are different types of shared hosting solutions, among them Dedicated Server, Virtual private servers, shared web hosting plans and free-of-charge hosting packages. The free-of-cost hosting plans usually involve forced adverts on your web site, so if you would like to create a professional-looking, respectable web site, that would be an unsuitable choice. The dedicated and virtual servers, on the other hand, are usually expensive and are not the first choice that springs to mind. Shared hosting plans are priced differently, but there are web hosting vendors that offer cheap shared web hosting plans. One such web hosting company is RH Hosting EU. We offer shared hosting servers in Britain, in the USA and even in Australia. Our high-quality web hosting solutions come at pretty modest prices.

How affordable is the affordable hosting solution?

Based on the resources that you will need for your web site, there are various web hosting packages you can choose from. RH Hosting EU offers four affordable web hosting packages with tons of features. The best of all is not only that you can purchase the most affordably priced web hosting package and then upgrade at any given time to any of the other packages, but also that you can choose between monthly and yearly billing periods.

An intuitive, full-featured hosting Control Panel

Different companies offer different kinds of hosting Control Panels, but most of them avail of 3rd-party software like cPanel or DirectAdmin. RH Hosting EU, on the other hand, have our own web hosting Control Panel software dubbed Hepsia. The remarkable thing about Hepsia is that it is extremely user-friendly and offers impressive features. Once inside the web hosting Control Panel, you can move around the separate sections easily, and the extraordinary File Manager tool has functions resembling those of your very own PC – you right-click a folder to get a list with the operations you can carry out.

Not sure what to do? The knowledge database is for you!

RH Hosting EU also offers an extensive knowledge base inside the hosting Control Panel that contains answers to lots of questions that you might have and that can walk you through accomplishing many tasks, from administering your web site files and e-mails to creating your e-mailbox accounts on your iPad or iPhone. We provide round-the-clock customer support via our trouble ticket system accessible from the Control Panel, and have so far never failed to reply to any request or inquiry.

What is Cloud Website Hosting?

In general, the genuine cloud website hosting platform serves different web hosting services like data storage, electronic mail, FTP, databases, DNS, stats, web hosting Control Panel, backup, and so on, on autonomous sets of top-notch servers. Each single service set generates a cluster. All the servers in a cluster are dedicated to serving exclusively the particular service and nothing aside from it. They will all work as one single server, sharing the service's load in practically the same proportions. If there is an authentic cloud website hosting service, there would be: a web space cluster, an email cluster, a File Transfer Protocol cluster, database clusters (MySQL/PostgreSQL), a DNS cluster, a stats cluster, a Control Panel cluster, a backup cluster, etc. All these autonomous service clusters will form the so-called cloud website hosting system.

The enormous cloud web hosting trick. Quite popular at present.

There is so much confusion going around about cloud hosting today. As you can perceive, cloud website hosting does not only sound complicated, but actually it is greatly complicated. The majority of the people are not at all aware of what cloud website hosting is. On the basis of this widely spread unawareness, the "cloud web hosting providers" speculate fervently, just to get hold of the customer and his/her five bucks per month. What a disgrace! A great shame. This is due to the fact that in the website hosting business there are no stipulations whatsoever. The domain industry niche has ICANN. The web hosting industry has no such self-controlling organization. That is why the website hosting merchants speculate and lie overtly (quite bluntly, as a matter of fact) to their customers. Notably the cPanel-based cloud web hosting providers. Let's uncover how much cloud hosting they actually can supply.

The facts about the cPanel-based "cloud" web hosting suppliers

If a cPanel-based web hosting wholesaler has a cloud website hosting system at hand, which is quite improbable, a lot of web servers have to be bought. Which is also not inexpensive. We will get back to that at the end of this review. First off, let's see what the cloud problems are. So, it's very unlikely for a cPanel web hosting trader to have the cloud web hosting system at hand, because building one requires years. Even when time and the provision of competent personnel are not a predicament, plenty of cash has to be spent too. Piles of cash. On top of that, cPanel is not open source. That's an immense predicament.

The shortage of open source cloud website hosting systems

There are no open source cloud web hosting platforms. There are no open source web hosting Control Panel user interfaces (running with the cloud web hosting system) either. So, to have a cloud website hosting system at hand, in the first place you must establish one. In-house. Second of all, you must set up the web hosting Control Panel too.

One server-based web hosting Control Panels

Contemporary web hosting CPs like cPanel, Plesk, DirectAdmin, etc. are developed to function on a single web server solely. All web hosting services (data storage, mail, File Transfer Protocol, databases, DNS, stats, website hosting Control Panel, backup, and so on) are being served simultaneously on one server where these respective single-server hosting systems and web hosting Control Panels are installed.

The absence of open source web hosting CPs

So, you must invent an in-house built hosting Control Panel that will function perfectly and to accommodate it within the cloud platform, as if it was an inherent part of it. Good instances of in-house constructed cloud web hosting systems with in-house set up CPs besides us, at RH Hosting EU, are MediaTemple and FreeHostia.

Cloud website hosting hardware equipment costs

The smallest contribution demanded, just for the cloud website hosting hardware provision, equals somewhere between 60 thousand dollars and 80,000 USD. That's excluding the DDoS apparatus, which is another $15-20,000. Now you do know how many cloud website hosting platforms can be chanced on out there... and, above all, why the hosting sky is so blue... and practically unclouded!


from €6.79 a month

Our OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers offer a choice of Operating Systems and a choice of hosting Control Panels.


from €212.83 a month

Get full root-level access, a choice of Operating Systems with our private virtual hosting servers.

Semi-Dedicated Servers

from €18.77 a month

Get more system resources than those offered by your shared web hosting plan with our semi-dedicated web hosting servers, which cost much less than a dedicated web server.

Dedicated Servers

from €43.41 a month

Purchase a dedicated web server from us and forget all about the restrictions of your standard shared hosting plan.